Does objectivity exist?

“Descartes argued, human beings would be able to understand the world in an unbiased way, unaffected by the imperfections of their sensorial organs.”

I disagree w/ Descartes if I understand this as his suggestion that ‘objectivity’ is possible. I believe even math and ‘science’ are coloured by personal experience and expectation and that there is perhaps an opportunity to neutralize, but not negate, their effects on our observations. Pop culture icons Dan Brown and Anais Nin introduced a counter perspective to the masses: ‘we see the world not as it is but as we are” or, we see what we intend to see. I believe this to be closer to the truth than anything else. It is in part why I left journalism and the crux of my great argument with educators who claim we teach something other than values and who we are. Clinging to notions of objectivity reduces us as Subjects (see Paulo Friere on conscientizaon) in our own lives and leaves the door wide open for objectification of other. Through this door enters oppression.

1/4/7: Posted 1st AR entry
Surfed the Action Research website
Downloaded the Diary How to:

“It is often useful to make entries under the headings: Reflection, Plan, Action
Observation – or at least separate your reflection from recording of events and observations.”

Downloaded article on: rigor in AR for Positivists from
Read sections on Positivism & AR’s origins.


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  1. Crazy but very true. How can anyone believe that they can be impartial? Are we not influenced by the physical imprints of our life experiences in every action we take? To assume that you can be unbiased is to assume you can be better than Man himself. I talk about this on my blog at, if you care to read. Good post, thanks.


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