Change by Consensus vs. Mandated Change

Okay, while reading the assigned chapter, light dawned on marble head: the change we set out to study should be ‘needed’. Why this only now occurs to me as Ohio State and Florida square off, I know not but it does put a damper on this morning’s revelation. I can’t have students survey peers about the need for an African American Lit class that is already in session now, can I.

As I read further in the chapter about whether or not change was mandated, I was reminded of the difference between diversity trainings that are required and those that are voluntary; training criminal justice students vs. training students from other disciplines. Believe me, I’d always prefer to be on the team whose audience wanted to be there but then, you never can tell, the greatest gains can be had among those who resist.

Saturday I reflected on past experiences with group work. I decided not to post it to minimize the change of misunderstanding with former teammates.


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