Low Grade Panic

Okay, I remember to check the student email on the second day after placing it on the to-do list. I made amends with UNLV’s library on Monday and so had borrowing privileges once again but they only had one of the four texts on the shelf: Teaching college in an age of accountability. I grabbed it and another two related titles of interest. Now, I sit in my office counting down the days till my next class wondering how quickly I can get the rest of the texts and when the syllabus will arrive. At least the College Teaching journal is available online, phew! So I begin searching the latest volume, Fall 2006. in it, wonder of wonders, there’s an article on service learning. As the universe would have it, I just began service learning with my English 098 students this semester! Despite the fact that it’s midterm and I have piles of exams to grade, at-risk students to hunt down and cajole into finishing a class they have to pass to get into Comp 101, and despite the fact that my own class begins 9 days from now and I have but one of 4 books to read, I’m experiencing only low-grade panic, not the full blown variety I would have been prone to a year ago.


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