In lieu of anything else

Now the fact that I would rather scrub baked-on grease off a cookie sheet, clean the dryer’s dust trap, make a bed with military precision and reheat left over cabbage and onions for breakfast than read my homework says something. Exactly what it says and about whom or what I will not divulge. Suffice it to say I am blogging again! One semester has ended and another has yet to begin. Steps have been taken to acquire the software needed to proceed with my online course and sorting through files last night after Bible Study, in preparation for the arrival of new office furniture, reminded me of what I wanted to do differently ‘next time around’ with my basic writing students. Heck, perhaps I’ll even keep a running list on my Palm about those very details. I feel a new Palm coming on, and a new cell phone, new planner, new everything. And yes, even a new me! But first, I’d better plug in the old one(s) so no data is lost. TTFN.