A friend sent me the link to a website where we can communicate with legislators on any number of action items. While I am NOT a pro-English advocate, as are the website sponsors, I appreciate the notion of democracy for and by the people, and find the website’s features well-suited to communicating the pro-social values that I support. I am not afraid of losing my identity or this great nation’s loss of national identity should we live out the true purpose of our creed and welcome those accountable for and willing to work for better futures in liberty and justice for ALL.
What concerns me is the loss of character embodied in such gestures to organize people’s desperation, play on their fears, and the resulting abandonment of the very founding principles such well-intentioned individuals seek to preserve. I submitted the following via email.
Dear Congress People, I pray daily for your closer walk with God. For once right relationship is established, we are more than conquerors, walking in the spirit and fulfilling the true laws of the kingdom.
If you made it through that, and have an ear to hear, I write to suggest a formal apology be made not only for killing First Nation languages but children when we ‘pioneered’ this land some now seek to ‘unify’ under the English language. Genuine apology and restitution (not just tuition and license to self-destruct) will set a good example for families and leaders worldwide. Truth and reconciliation should be taught in every classroom and every pulpit, every legislative session. Thank you for all the good you continue to strive to do, seeking your own in another’s good. May you be positioned for victory and have your names written in heaven.


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