Socratic method: The Remix

Why waste an opportunity to get closer to God? is the answer that comes to me as I get out of bed. It was along some indirect line of thought that it arrived. But it was the answer supplied to any number of questions past and future that are put to me. Now I understand that even I do not have to find an ‘answer’ but turn the seeker back to prayer – an opportunity to get closer to God!
Among the revelations I most enjoyed during lunch with Yvonne on Tuesday, was the image of faith as a pilot attempting to land her craft in thick, low clouds. She has done everything she is trained to be accountable for, now, she must simply, or not so simply, admit that the task itself, and not just the conditions, are far beyond her abilities, and let God take care of the rest.
Revelation is akin to landing that plane. We become witnesses only after being faithful stewards. I expressed it far more simply at lunch when I remembered – noticed aloud – how one can read the same scripture and not penetrate its meaning until the soil of our lives has been prepared for its planting, cultivation and harvest. As we abandon all to His power we increasingly witness what has always been true.
Nothing actually changes: the clouds do not lift, it is we who descend (in our own self-opinion perhaps?) below the clouds to find the familiar territory the landing strip, fully lit in expectation of our arrival. The weather does not change: the storm is still swirling, but now, we realize it cannot thwart our mission. It is indeed a thing apart and all it’s bluster cannot change a single atom of our being or God’s plan for us! I like the image so much because it came readily and remains etched in my mind’s eye. I see the view as the clouds part. To explain the situation further begs the storms’ reality. For the clouds themselves do nothing and, the closer we get to them, the more their nothingness is revealed! It is our forward movement that makes room for us! The clouds simply cannot exist wherever we are truly on target – much in the same way Pastor House was explaining at Bible Study last night: If you look down at your feet and over to your neighbor’s, each pair is distinct, separate, unable to occupy the exact same space at the same time, even if that neighbor were to sit on your lap! Once you agree (not that God awaits your permission) imagine the possibilities! What would you do, if you knew God could not fail?
Whose Plane Is This Anyway?


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