The Benefits of Stupidity a.k.a. Confessions of an Eejit!

Learning dogspeak is not difficult. It’s about as hard to do as to train a puppy to pee outdoors. Precisely. I felt like an I.D.I.O.T. when, after putting Gulliver the pup back on the carpet no fewer than six times, he finally relieved himself there and I pinched him after shouting NOOOOOO! and placing him, rather indelicately, on the patio. I mean, you’d think after five months together, I’d be able to remember if not understand that when he jumps up, nipping at my hands or sleeve, he means to get my attention for a good cause – nature calling. But no, I blew it again. Ever wonder why we all get to make stupid mistakes more than once? To keep us humble, honest, and on our knees. It’s so that when someone does something genuinely stupid to us, for us, about us or in our direction, we have a recent memory about what being an arse feels like and so, can take pity on the schlmeel in idiot suit.
Another benefit of stupidity is the practice of forgiveness. Acts of stupidity, whether public or private, set us up for acts of contrition and the forgiveness associated with such sentiment. Gulliver, tentative about re-entry, is the most forgiving soul on the planet. I know I don’t deserve him and for sure he doesn’t deserve the mixed bag he inherited when he got me. But I believe there is reason to hope that I can become a more attentive, compassionate puppy Mom and can one day leave all or most of this Puppy Mama Drama behind.


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