Whom Does the Truth Hurt?

In a state-designed “safety-net”, generated to guestimate the savings if Nevada were to opt out of the Medicaid program, a whopping 15,700 Nevada residents would be covered. That’s less than half of one percent of the State’s residents. That’s fewer than a third of the State’s currently uninsured residents, in a state where 20% of residents are uninsured. The following is excerpted from,

An Open Letter to A Friend on Health Reform, the Medicaid Opt Out and the Tenth Amendment:

The state analysis found that under a plan where Nevada withdraws from the Medicaid program and establishes a “safety net program” funded only with state funds that of the approximate 253,000 Nevadans who now have Medicaid:

— 200,000 poor families and children would be dropped from Medicaid coverage.

— 54,900 elderly and disabled would be dropped from Medicaid coverage.

— Supplemental coverage for 41,500 low-income seniors on Medicare would also end.

— The new safety net program would provide coverage to only about 15,700 persons.

— The white paper said that some losing Medicaid might be able to get private coverage.

— It also conceded, however, that such “coverage may not be affordable nor cover the services needed by many.”

We’ve got to wake up and smell the coffee. Get the facts. Then do something. For more information, visit the related article in the Las Vegas Sun, January 28th and Nevada’s DHHS for the Medicaid Opt-Out White Paper.

Shame on us, Governor Gibbons.


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