Expected Good From Unexpected Sources

This is a phrase I encountered as a young girl. It was offered as a reminder of the faith practice of thanks giving. “Gratitude has power”, I was told, “so keep your gratitude key turning!” It’s not that I’d forgotten it all these years later. More like I’d somehow reduced it to something more mechanical and devoid of expectation than intended, that is until today. Today I got two powerful reminders. I received notice that a second book had sold on Amazon and received a Starbucks  gift card for my help organizing a professional development event for the department. Despite the fact that I’ve never been a coffee drinker and recently gave up wheat and refined sugars, the gift card comes just in time for lunch date and to shift my attention to my early training in high expectations. It’s as if the combination opened a mental portal that has always existed but has rarely, if ever, been inhabited. Let’s hear it for next level living.


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