Waiting Practice

Yesterday I got to school late enough to have to stalk people for a parking space. Deciding it better to wait in one spot after three minutes of trawling after people (mostly pedestrians cutting through the parking lot), I pulled into one lane and put on my flashers. Three, then eight more minutes went by as I listened to a sermon on CD I keep in the dash. I looked up from time to time to check that I wasn’t blocking my blessing. You have to wait somewhere after all, and I could have been preventing someone from vacating a space. Most of the time, no one was afoot. Occasionally, I’d see someone exit a building, head for a car but only to retrieve or leave something in a trunk or on a back seat. You can always tell those folks from the rest. They walk with their keys hidden. What I noticed not long after my place was revealed to me is that I never got anxious while I waited. It helps that I had no pressing appointments, course, but I noticed my temperament remained unruffled all the time waiting. Imagine if we were similarly patient and unflustered all the time. Imagine how God could use us then! Once, maybe twice, the thought occurred to me to join the commuters’ circling ritual, darting between rows, following hard on the heels of those who dared to walk in plain sight. Both times, a still, small voice inside simply said, wait. Doing so I landed a spot far closer than I’d imagined likely at that late hour in the morning. Doing so, I was reminded that God wants us to wait on Him before dashing off on a wild tare to “handle things” all the time. I’m glad to have gotten in some waiting practice yesterday morning. I believe I’ll try it again. And often.


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