Borrowing Genius

Thanks to a group of folks who are also geniuses of the heart, we all now know the answer to the question, what can I do to heal the world?

In a world fraught with competing claims on human solidarity, we have a moral obligation to direct additional resources to where they can achieve the most good. And that is as true of our own small-scale charitable donations as it is of governments’ or philanthropists’ aid budgets.

In 2008, the Copenhagen Consensus Center, which I direct, asked a group of the world’s top economists to identify the “investments” that could best help the planet. The experts—including five Nobel laureates—compared ways to spend $75 billion on more than 30 interventions aimed at reducing malnutrition, broadening educational opportunity, slowing global warming, cutting air pollution, preventing conflict, fighting disease, improving access to water and sanitation, lowering trade and immigration barriers, thwarting terrorism, and promoting gender equality.

By Bjørn Lomborg for SLATE

The next step is ours.


Why Resist.

This quote was found on the Brevity website. At this stage of my life I find resistance a waste of time and energy. So I share this little indulgence with you.

Sometimes the most moving, altering moments of life are in fact only moments. Sometimes they are not destined to be novels, essays, or memoirs. Sometimes, there is no bigger picture. ~ April Monroe

Isn’t that delicious!