It is Settled

This morning, at minutes before five, everything came together. With a single scripture, Isaiah 61, the Lord answered every question about my purpose; about why I am HERE, here and Here; confirmed every scripture, sacrifice, sermon and message; reconciled my heart to His, and gave me peace on every side. Nice work if you can get it and I got it by simply hanging in there, waking to His voice, hearing, obeying and receiving His promises, step by step, day by day, moment by moment! You will too.


End Notes

Between shuttling M’Dear to and from Drama Camp and summer camp today, Our Father did me the honor to allow me to attend a farewell celebration for an esteemed colleague; sit with a friend whose live-in boyfriend has called it quits; visit a friend in the hospital, and attend a Casa de Paz in our neighborhood. Through it all I was given to understand precisely why obedience is better than sacrifice and what a blessing it is to know and attend my Father’s voice. I even received a tailor-made revelation at day’s end. Together with all the gifts I have already received and stand to receive by faith, Jesus allowed me to give thanks and praise that I know how to let go and hold on. Hallelujah!