Let God Arise and His Enemies Be Scattered

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on 1st Kings 18 encourages us greatly:

Let us never despise the day of small things, but hope and wait for great things from it. From what small beginnings have great matters arisen! It is thus in all the gracious proceedings of God with the soul. Scarcely to be perceived are the first workings of his Spirit in the heart, which grow up at last to the wonder of men, and applause of angels. Elijah hastened Ahab home, and attended him. God will strengthen his people for every service to which his commandments and providence call them.

Like comfort, make disappointment your enemy. To avoid its traps, build every relationship on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. Oswald Chambers addresses this directly in his devotional for July 30th when he writes: There is only one Being Who can satisfy the last aching abyss of the human heart, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.


Lord, I thank You!

Samuel M. Franklin interpreting


Breakfast of Champions

I could’ve had anything that Publix had to offer. The choices were varied and fresh. I opted for two packets of instant raisin, date, walnut oatmeal with cocoa & cinnamon almonds, and a splash of Coffeemate’s Italian Cream. Decadent, I know, and a far cry from The Maker’s Diet, but I delighted in eating it and was fortified for the preparation of the split pea soup I have the pleasure of making for dinner should I decide against grilling the chicken breast and chopping the salad fixins. Simple pleasures are the best.

Simple Pleasures

Papi Celestial wants us to have it all, to know and love Him much the way He knows and loves us. Only to prevent spiritual bends (akin to decompression sickness experienced by some divers) as we emerge along the journey, He slows things down so we can adjust. I got that insight while walking the dog this evening. For context, recall the verse affirming that “all things work together for good to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). I’d been noticing how my back felt fine despite not having aligned it before leaving the bedroom this morning. I smiled almost coyly noticing that the whole back thing may just have been His way of getting my attention and allowing me to choose to slow down and sit with him first thing each morning – a practice that will continue and, cloaked in the form of a medical directive, remains unchallenged by all. Nice work!

The night sky a perfect periwinkle
a melon sweet as perfume
wonton soup to put all others to shame and
91 degrees in the desert.

It just doesn’t get any better, I say.
God says, watch Me!

Archbishop Duncan Williams Silencing the Voice of the Accuser @ MFM

Whose team are you on? You’re either an accuser or an intercessor, Archbishop Duncan said. You don’t have time to criticize if you’re praying for someone, so pray without ceasing so the Devil doesn’t use your tongue against God’s anointed.To silence the voice of the Accuser when he tries to accuse you before God, Man or yourself, overcome him with the blood of the Lamb. Raise your hands and voice in grateful praise. The serpent blinded Adam to all God had given him by focusing on the one thing God prohibited. Don’t let the serpent beguile you, be grateful.

Don’t Give Up, Get Up!

There is a chasing after God then there’s praying without ceasing.
 Remind yourself as often as necessary: He will bring me to a place of promise and prominence. He will bring us out from the burdens of Pharoah. He is our hope. Tell yourself: God is about to bring me out.
Prepare for Him to move you.
I don’t act like a stranger around God. I’ve got history with Him!
Tell yourself: Enough, I ain’t takin this no more!’ I am redeemed / paid for, purchased by the blood of Jesus! He is bringing me out with a stretched out, strong hand. (Ex 6:6) 

Go deeper in Him. Limit not the Almighty. When you give yourself to Him, you will see Him manifest, pressed down, shaken together and running over! (Luke 6:38)