If the “Brat” Fits…

Fretting springs from a determination to get our own way. Our Lord never worried and He was never anxious, because He was not “out” to realize His own ideas; He was “out” to realize God’s ideas.

How many times have I actually acknowledged that I worry simply because I want my way? Has it ever struck me that way? Oswald Chambers wants us to know. The most recent incident of this fretting determination was in a car dealership. I had prayed for favor and gotten it. In fact, the prayer was so effective that the dealership couldn’t handle the overflow. So many people came in to buy a new car that afternoon that upon my return later that evening, every staff member commented on it. A very nice problem to have indeed.

The only trouble was I didn’t know what it was that I wanted so when favor came, I wasn’t exactly prepared to receive it. I had gone to test-drive a car and now I was on the threshold of leaving with a new one with more perks than I could imagine and a payment half that of the one I’d last paid. The good news is, that Christ came and will come again because of and in spite of us, our self-absorption confusion and disobedience. He came because we couldn’t get out of our own way without something greater than two hands and a flashlight. The Light of the World came that we might have life more abundantly. Receive Him.


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