National Impatience?

A guest on the Diane Rheims show this morning said something that hit a nerve. He said the Trayvon Martin case exemplified America’s “national impatience” for a verdict before sufficient evidence has been gathered.

How many years has it been since slavery? Whose descendants got their 40 acres and a mule? I’m not settling for Obamacare either. Like Trayvon, I know you don’t qualify for healthcare if you’re dead. I want justice for ALL for as long as this republic shall live. We are separate by God’s grace, but shoul not be unequal before the law.


Moving In The Spirit

So I’m in my study, piecing together the top of a baby quilt I’d meant to finish three babies and more years ago, listening to my first shuffle on the new phone, not even studying the remaining papers I have to grade, and Leon Timbo offers up Simply Loved. Out of everywhere, and all at once but as if I’d always known it, I get this newsflash: Receiving the freedom of the finished work is knowing love is living me and walking in it.

Anti-Abortion Activists Abort Free Speech on College Campus

A funny thing happened on the way to 21st century democracy. Rumor has it that one group’s civil rights were aggressively trampled by another. Today, in honor of Women’s History Month, an event was planned in the quad at the Charleston Campus of the College of Southern Nevada. Not coincidentally, perhaps even in a similar spirit of celebration, it so happens that an anti-abortion group had made plans to leaflet the community in the same area at the same time. Now, under typical conditions, both groups would have been able to peaceably assemble and occupy the same place at the same time. Had any of the resources of space, time and bodies in transit been considered scarce neither group would have selected that location and time for their event. What went wrong? What inspired those in the anti-abortion camp to attempt to drown out the voices of those in the women’s history camp? What motivated those in the women’s history camp to call security? How is it that those championing the right to life reject another’s right to live and exercise the rights afforded by the democracy that ‘protects’ us all?