Another Great Quote

Every time you post, WordPress gives you a congratulatory quote. This was one I received today:

Writing is a struggle against silence. Carlos Fuentes

Silence though is more than a habit at this point. True confession: Even when I write, the silence remains in tact.


Southwest of Five Reflections

asphalt shimmering
against rising memories
no thing quenches hope

high desert peopled
generations forget rain
courtesy, kindness

we remember a
common tongue unspoiled by lusts
cities of four-legs

Do Anything

Remember the movie, Say Anything? Well, this morning I started a fitness routine that I’m calling Do Anything. I’d taken time to go over and add to today’s Task list and noticed I hadn’t scheduled time for exercise. So I decided to stop at the clubhouse on property for a little treadmill in case I didn’t get to the gym for my first choice, swimming. Increasing my chances for getting into the pool, I slipped my suit under the workout clothes and put attire suitable for the office in the car.

As I entered the clubhouse, Jimi Blu’s advice to switch up my workout routine every two weeks, offered during Saturday’s tailspin as he picked me up from a ‘graceful’ dismount off the rowing machine he’d so ably demonstrated, came to mind. Lately, the elliptical machines on site have been unplugged because they short out the electricity in the room for some reason. Seeing no one to object, I checked to see if they were once again online and, voila!, the one I touched started right up. So I got on and got down, excited that I’d soon be listing a new workout on my Fitocracy app. Cautious about overdoing such a reunion and wanting to get two errands done before getting to the rowing machine (thanks again go to Jimi @ LVAC), I agreed with myself on completing a mile and did so while listening to two and a half of the chapters in today’s Chronological Bible study plan. The OUTPOURING has begun!