True Story

Prompted by an update from I called the White House comment line, (202) 456-1111, this afternoon to thank President Obama for using his “legitimate prosecutorial discretion” to prevent deportation of DREAM-eligible youth. The operator who took my call did her best to recap what I said, “you’re calling to say you are angry that illegal immigrants are taking our jobs”. I did my best, and was surprised how easy it actually was, to not shriek into the phone: HOW COULD YOU GET THAT OUT OF WHAT I SAID?
“I got it in reverse,” she continued, matching my calm.
Yes. How many others have and will.

I thanked her for listening to calls all day long and doing her best to hear what was being said before sharing my immigrant’s tale, offering my name, and ending the call.

There was a lot of noise in the background at the call center where she was but not enough to drown out the conspiracy in mine. Had someone gotten to her, paid her to translate what she heard – on what I assume is a recorded line, and mute the rest – what ever didn’t serve the Right Agenda?

Would someone who spoke two or more languages have made a similar “error” if they could even land an interview for a position with her level security clearance?


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