Summing Up The Annual Walk on The Wild Side

That I posted on various blogs even 13 times this month (including this post but not including the more than 75 entries on the occasional blog created so I’d have some memory of the NCTE conference) is a miracle. This year’s NaNoWriMo ends officially today. I fell woefully short of the 50K word-goal and was almost entirely incapable of writing in a direct line. But the fact that I did write – every day at that – is cause for celebration. After such single-minded devotion, I neither desire nor expect life to ever go back to ‘normal’ again. It’s official: I am a writer.


Why Not!

Thanksgiving is coming. Instead of approaching it with trepidation and preparing for the spin cycle of shopping, supping, packaging and posting, why not slow things down and look for an opportunity to rest in Jesus’ arms?

Joey LeTourneau encourages us with the following words of faith:

“The Papa Tuck” resembles the cocoon, crawling up into Papa God’s arms, letting go of everything else, and just enjoying His heartbeat and embrace, knowing that those very moments are more powerful and more productive than anything else we could do. We could keep striving like the caterpillar and inch forward little by little, maybe even take another scoot toward breakthrough, or we can celebrate such closeness with our Creator tucked into the living peace that births impossible fruit.

Cocoon Sculpture by Natalie Tyler