More Than Arm’s Length Now

my 4-legged son assumes the donut position
on the couch while I read and write at the dining table
signaling season’s end
friday afternoon
45 days ago we were inseparable
and some fear global warming
while I wonder who rescued who

Inspired by Annika Jensen’s William in Midnight Meanders


I Never Heard Her Play

Though I never heard my grandmother play the organ, something inside me thrills to the swelling strains as I listen to organ music being piped by James Culp as I grade College Success reflections on the use of Morning Pages. Both are glorious. I thank you, Gaga, for giving me a cell-level appreciation of soul music!

Let God Arise and His Enemies Be Scattered

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on 1st Kings 18 encourages us greatly:

Let us never despise the day of small things, but hope and wait for great things from it. From what small beginnings have great matters arisen! It is thus in all the gracious proceedings of God with the soul. Scarcely to be perceived are the first workings of his Spirit in the heart, which grow up at last to the wonder of men, and applause of angels. Elijah hastened Ahab home, and attended him. God will strengthen his people for every service to which his commandments and providence call them.

Like comfort, make disappointment your enemy. To avoid its traps, build every relationship on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. Oswald Chambers addresses this directly in his devotional for July 30th when he writes: There is only one Being Who can satisfy the last aching abyss of the human heart, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.


Lord, I thank You!

Samuel M. Franklin interpreting

End Notes

Between shuttling M’Dear to and from Drama Camp and summer camp today, Our Father did me the honor to allow me to attend a farewell celebration for an esteemed colleague; sit with a friend whose live-in boyfriend has called it quits; visit a friend in the hospital, and attend a Casa de Paz in our neighborhood. Through it all I was given to understand precisely why obedience is better than sacrifice and what a blessing it is to know and attend my Father’s voice. I even received a tailor-made revelation at day’s end. Together with all the gifts I have already received and stand to receive by faith, Jesus allowed me to give thanks and praise that I know how to let go and hold on. Hallelujah!

What’s Mine Is Mine

All that I am and have are mine because God gave them to me and I give them back to Him. This is assured because God’s Word can do everything but fail. When I get a word from God, I obey. So help me, God, to love you wholeheartedly. I try the spirits by the Spirit and therefore am blessed because obedience is better than sacrifice. As a daughter of Abraham by faith, Caleb’s portion and all God’s promises are mine.

Hebron therefore became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite unto this day, because that he wholly followed the LORD God of Israel. (Joshua:14:14)

As I lay on my back aligning my faith and interceding on the basis of Psalms 23, Caleb came to mind. Three minutes before my 30 minutes were up, but what felt like long after I felt the urge to rise, the phone rang. Someone bearing gifts came to maximize my relationship with this timeshare company and inviting me to lunch. After yesterday’s harmonious journey and course download along the way, last night’s gifts – both initial evidence of the manifestation of Pastor White‘s prophecy at Mountaintop last Sunday and fulfillment of Scripture– it continues to be revealed to me and manifest that God does indeed prepare and position us for next level blessings continually. Thank you for such faith, Heavenly Father. Amen.

A Recipe For Happiness

Potatoes Urbina
One package Potatoes O’Brien
desired amount of pepperoni slices
onion powder, coarse pepper, sea salt and season salt to taste. Coat pan with olive oil and heat until water droplets dance on its surface. Pour potato mixture to cover one layer of pan. Add seasonings and toss until well covered. Allow bottom to brown to a crisp while pepperoni is wilting on top and Seattle’s Best Hazelnut coffee is percolating.

Turn with spatula once. Let brown while cutting an avocado for garnish.
Serve and savour. Give yourself brownie points if you can identify the
website on the screen in the photo above. Better yet, enjoy seeking
your own true north.

And remember what Oswald Chambers says:

My worth to God in public is what I am in private.