A Journal With a Table of Contents!

Now you’re saying something! The folks at Leuchtturm have done the impossible. They have improved on a very good idea. They have added a Table of Contents in the front of their hard cover journal and an optional pen loop in matching colors! The life of a Word Skwirl doesn’t get much sweeter! Check out a contest to win one of their journals here. Entries must be in by midnight 12/12/12.


Silencing the Flesh

I don’t know where I get the chutzpah sometimes. The following string of complaints actually came out of my mouth in response to the generic, how are you, while making a donation to a woman’s shelter today.

I’m sorry the bag burst as I was putting it in the truck and there’s more on the patio where I used to live, but I couldn’t carry the last big box. I just moved and didn’t place the order in time to have the gas connected before the holiday so I’ve been showering at the gym since Thursday. I just put my dog up for adoption and I teach online but my internet’s down.

Instead, I should’ve given thanks for all God made possible for them to do, for me to give, for the jobs we all have and that I had the company of a precious pup for two years. I immediately saw my half-empty response as a ruse of the enemy and returned to praising God for every tear, trial and triumph. I recalled Jesus’ invitation in Oswald Chambers’ devotional yesterday. Watch with me.

Unconditional Love For Dummies:

A 13-Step Program For People Who Used To Find Love in All The Wrong Places
Sitting around the dinner table after one of our First Sunday potlucks, three women began laughing at the stupid things we’d either done or heard of someone doing in the name of love. Unconditionally of course, but not in the right direction. The only remedy, we decided, was to hold ourselves accountable for not reading the writing on the wall even after having prayed for revelation. We laughed till our sides’ ached. Title after title for books, chapters, sitcoms and dramas came to us but we were too drunk on monkey bread and having survived the tragedy of so many years spent in recovery from our own bad decisions to record them. This much I remember and promised to share.
STEP 1: Acknowledge, I was the one who…
Insert details of your part in said fiasco, then love yourself unconditionally by not doing that again.
STEP 2: Repeat.
Step 3: Refer to step 2 ten more times, teaching one more person to do the same each time.

A Recipe For Happiness

Potatoes Urbina
One package Potatoes O’Brien
desired amount of pepperoni slices
onion powder, coarse pepper, sea salt and season salt to taste. Coat pan with olive oil and heat until water droplets dance on its surface. Pour potato mixture to cover one layer of pan. Add seasonings and toss until well covered. Allow bottom to brown to a crisp while pepperoni is wilting on top and Seattle’s Best Hazelnut coffee is percolating.

Turn with spatula once. Let brown while cutting an avocado for garnish.
Serve and savour. Give yourself brownie points if you can identify the
website on the screen in the photo above. Better yet, enjoy seeking
your own true north.

And remember what Oswald Chambers says:

My worth to God in public is what I am in private.

Stepping Up to Humanity’s Challenge

Though I know we will soon meet, I cannot tell him face to face that my instinct, upon hearing an excerpt from one of his talks on TED is to protect him. It is an odd impulse from many angles. Yet, for my own sake, that which is past in me, and is therefore now far beyond the place of protection, perhaps always was, I will share his summary of the ubuntu philosophy he shared:

The only way for me to be human is for you to reflect my humanity back at me.

This I offer after a particularly complicated class on ending sexism. I have posted in my archive some of the details and asked the team members teaching to send me their answers to a classmate’s question: How does sexism affect you personally? These answers I will post on my website. The only explanation for the complexity I experienced today must be next level living.